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Rules, Information, and Specifications

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Official Rules

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including rules, bed specifications, and information (PDF format).

Parade Starts at 11:30 am.

Race begins at 12:00 noon.

  1. Post positions will be drawn at the Pajama Party on Thursday, September 13, 2018
  2. Format is double elimination for all teams. The top two teams will race for the championship trophy: The Fastest Bed in Town.
    The winners and runner up will be given the opportunity to show their beds in the 2019 New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
  3. All heats will be run over a course of 50 yards on Church Street between Chapel and Elm Streets. Runners must keep their bed in the assigned lane and not interfere with competing bed. Decision of the judges will determine disqualification for interference. Two false starts will disqualify a team from the race.
  4. Each team will provide a bed that conforms to the specifications for racing. (See enclosed list of specifications) Each team must complete the day of racing with the same bed it started.
  5. Each bed is to be raced by four (4) people. No more, no less. Runners must stay in direct contact with their bed at all times the bed is in motion. Runners are responsible for stopping their beds and returning them to the pit area. Beds mat not be pulled with ropes, chains, etc... Runners may be changed for successive heats, but cannot be changed during the heat. Random checks of rosters may be conducted at the starting line.
  6. There will be a minimum of one (1) person riding in the bed during each heat. Riders can be changed for successive heats but not during a heat. Each team is allowed a maximum of eight (8) members representing both sexes. At least one female and one male must be in the actual heat itself. Team members must be over the age of 12.
  7. There will be a pit area for teams to set up their bed for the parade and racing that follows. Prior to the parade, beds may be inspected to ensure conformity with the enclosed specifications.
  8. All beds must be in the staging (pit) area by 10:30 am.
  9. All protests must be reasonable, logical, and based on sound evidence. Protests arising from a particular heat must be lodged prior to the start of the next heat by the team captain.
  10. Names, advertising, slogans, and logos may be, and in fact are encouraged to be part of the bed decorations. All decorations must be securely mounted to the bed so as not to interfere with safe operation of the bed. Please contact the race committee is you have questions concerning conformity.
  11. No bed decoration may be over 10 feet high.
  12. Please keep in mind, this event is for fun. All competitors must conduct themselves according to the highest levels of sportsmanship.

Racing Bed Specifications

Almost any bed can be converted into a racing bed. Be sure it has a sturdy frame and add wheels. YOU can find used beds at secondhand stores, Salvations Army Stores, Goodwill Stores, Hospitals, or Hotels.

  1. OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Minimum of 3’ wide x 6’ long, maximum of 4’4” wide and 7’8” long. Standard spring or frame supporting mattress at least 10” from the ground.
  2. PERIMETER SAFETY RAILS: REQUIRED. Minimum of 12”Maximum of 16” above level of mattress. Webbing between safety rails and frame is recommended.
  3. WHEELS: 4 wheels are required, no more, no less. Maximum diameter of wheeles including tire is 6 inches.
  5. MATTRESS REQUIRED: Air Mattress is acceptable
  6. DECORATION: Parade Decorations may be removed prior to racing.
  7. NAME and/or LOGO: Must be securely fixed to bed
  8. SPECIAL BEDS: Bathtubs, etc, are allowed with permission of officials. Please email committee at in advance. Waterbeds or water-filled mattresses are prohibited.
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